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"I believe love is construction. The same way it happens with two human beings, it happens between us and the space we occupy"- Lorena Couto


RIO . Casa Cor Rio 2013 - best space by popular vote

RIO . Casa Cor Rio 2013 - best ude of glass by professional vote

SYDNEY . Kids Help Line Design Thinking Hackaton 2017



Our designs have been featured in many media vehicles, nationally and internationally. See the gallery below.



Angelica Rosatto

Highly recommend Lorena Couto. We have a very challengingly narrow block and having her help guiding us on how to use the spaces has been life-changing! She has great knowledge of suppliers and was able to match our style and needs to make such great spaces. I can’t wait to see the results as soon as our build is ready!!!!


Lorena is an amazing and very capable Interior Designer. I am very impressed with her expertise, her knowledge of the suppliers in Australia, and especially her understanding of her client's style and needs! I cannot wait to transform my bedroom following her advice and guidance. I highly recommend her services. Thanks, Lorena for being a great listener and helping my dream come thru! Cheers Juliana


I’ve followed Lorena for the last two years, and have been so impressed with her creativity and professionalism. Two years ago she designed our outdoor entertainment area and has recently helped remodel our living room. Both are spectacular designs - we are thrilled with the outcome. And all done online! Lorena is outstanding in her field.

Sarah Brikke

I feel more at peace and connected to my home now. My son's face when he saw his room was incredible. Lorena used everything I already have, I didn't have to buy anything new. Lorena has this magic touch where she sees the space and in an instant, she transforms it like magic!

Carole and Angus

I’ve followed Lorena for the last two years, and have been so impressed with her creativity and professionalism. Two years ago she designed our outdoor entertainment area and has recently helped remodel our living room. Both are spectacular designs - we are thrilled with the outcome. And all done online! Lorena is outstanding in her field.


Lorena is extremely professional and has impeccable taste. She is up to date with fashion trends, and she can manage to make a modern project that is also classic and timeless, at the same time. Without a doubt, she is an architect that I recommend.


After at least 3 years following her work, it was finally my turn to call Lorena to help me with a warm and practical home! Had an amazing experience, Lorena could read my ideas quickly and gave me great insights to have a cozy and sophisticated home still considering our everyday with kids and pets! The idea was to work on our living area and halfway through my husband (who thought we didn’t need a designer!) wanted to get Lorena to do our bbq area too! Can’t wait to start putting in place all Lorena’s ideas!! Super happy with my casa consult! Thank you, Lorena!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lorena. She gave me some great tips on how to decorate my apartment and how to match colours to suit my style. Very professional and creative. Thanks, Lorena, see you soon!

Vivian Oliveira

I contacted Lorena for my commercial space and got much more than a new space for my clients. As we talked about my brand, Lorena pointed out how misaligned all of my branding was. We started by rebranding the business and transitioned that same visual language to the new space. I returned all the furniture I had already bought and followed her guidance to the T. I always get compliments from my clients and my business is booming. Lorena played a fundamental part in the evolution of my business. I can only thank you, Lorena, I'm in love with my new business direction and the space!

Gabriella Borella

I would strongly recommend the Casa Consultant service from Lorena. In a short time, she is able to capture ideas and turn it into a beautiful plan/project including links to where to purchase things accordingly to the budget you have. If you want to give your home a personal touch and make it look beautiful, while also keeping it efficient for your needs this is the right choice. Thank you, Lorena!

Cassiane Corso

Lorena was extremely knowledgeable and professional. I felt super comfortable even though it was my first experience working with a designer here in Australia, Lorena magically transforms the old into the new and the ugly into the beautiful! Highly recommended." Thank you so much.

Vivian Porto

I've been wanting to change my home for a while but didn't know exactly what to do. With Lorena's professional help, I had the little push I needed. Lore, thank you for your help. There's nothing like a piece of professional advice to send us on the right path of ideas even from a distance.

Deise Esteves

I had Lorena Couto designing my apartment and she was impeccable! She understood the briefing and her design was beyond expectations. Easy to communicate with, now I am enjoying her online consultations every time I face a design dilemma. Couldn't recommend her enough!


Professional with a high level of knowledge, and empathy in understanding what I wanted in the project. She has an accurate perception of the furniture choices.

Lorena is fantastic! With simplicity and professionalism, she transforms the space in a place with refinement and style. Easy and straightforward service and communication, would definitely recommend.

Maira Murray

I was impressed by how Lorena could put me back on track to create the brand I envisioned. I contacted her to do a Casa Consult for my space and got so much more out of it. It's hard to measure the value of this consultation.


Katia and Glenn

Lorena is extremely talented and is a pleasure to work with. Her recommendations were spot on with our personal taste and the vibe we wanted for our house. She literally saved us hours / days of searching for the right furniture, but most importantly, she worked out a beautiful layout for our living space. I spent hours looking at the floor plan… with no luck. Lorena knew exactly where everything should be placed and how to style it. I would not hesitate to contact her if you would like help in transforming your house into a beautiful home.

Mariana Patsky


Lorena is amazing, she knows exactly how to help you and what you need. I'm a design enthusiast and ended up mixing too much stuff into my houses she helped me see it and understand the main concepts and guided me in the right direction and I'm so glad ive got in touch with her. You won't regret having her planning your home!

Fe Gazal

Lorena rolled her sleeves up and didn't hold back to help me to accomplish my project in an almost impossible deadline and with a lot of what I already had. It's fantastic to have dedicated professionals who believe in your dream like that. I want to officially recognize people I admire, who are dedicated to the art of what they love with quality and competence. I recommend her above and beyond.

Rawh Studios

“Lorena is an outstanding professional. She’s created a service that helps people in a simple and uncomplicated way. Her casa consult is perfect for those who need to get started without all the fuss. I had 2 hour in-person consultation to define the style and identity of my brand and it was absolutely the best investment to get my studio out of the paper and flying. Also, she helped me with other little details like my brand colour and other tips along the way to improve and situate better my business on the market. I am so grateful for all her ideas and approach. Rawh Studios would not be where it shuts out her input and knowledge. Thank you, Lorena, I will always recommend you and your service to my friends and clients.

Cibeli Nunes

My business was great and brought results, but I had to change the space I held my sessions. Lorena designed the new space and I felt the shift. I was tired of the old branding, so I've engaged Lorena to help my holistic practice with that too and I am in love with our process and results.

She captured the concept quickly and transformed our ideal into an amazing project.

It is amazing what you can achieve in just one consultation! She gives you tips from moving a piece of furniture to a complete shopping list that will totally transform your house. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Many thanks, Lorena!

Wanessa and Daniel

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