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"There's got to be chemistry in between the home and its occupant, otherwise, the design becomes unjustifiable.'' - Lorena Couto  

projetos de arquitetura Casa Alchemy


Owner and director

Lorena Couto believes in interdisciplinary design. Architect and urban planner, with a Master's degree in design thinking, MBA in business, and an entire career passionately dedicated to interior design. Loving sports, having a great gut feeling for arts, and being part of nature, are a few of the elements that influence her and her designs. 

After working for the best interior design studios in Rio, Lorena opened her first office in 2011. She has been invited to exhibit her work at prestigious events such as Casa Cor and Ilha de Caras, which exposed her to many media publications and as a consequence,  her 2 first awards. In 2017 she brought her company to Australia where she won her third award for her design thinking project.


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