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Thank you for the opportunity to style and photograph your property. Having the styling combined with marketing photos is the most effective way to guarantee the best outcome for your ROI. We are glad you chose us, and can't wait to make the magic happen!

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The main reason you should think about styling your property is to increase its value. Through professionally curated spaces, we can seduce and influence prospective clients into picturing themselves enjoying that space as their own dream home. It is proven by the property market that the investment in this service has a guarantee of return. Make sure you chose trustworthy professionals whose expertise will deliver. Please, allow us to introduce ourselves. 


URBAN CAM is a solid business created by Caue Zanella and Cassia Both. Husband and wife have been leading the real estate photography market in Australia and overseas since 2012. With extensive experience in photography and marketing, they know how to capture the perfect shots that will sell and tell a unique story. 

But nothing that is great, can't be improved! In the spirit of never ceasing to enhance clients' experiences, they have partnered with Casa Alchemy, to style the interiors of the properties and make that story even richer.

Casa Alchemy is an interior design studio owned and directed by Lorena Couto. Lorena has more than 15 years of experience in the industry, and her unique style has given her 3 awards. Her biggest satisfaction with her work comes from observing her technical skills translating into people's emotions running high when they walk into a space she designed. 

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Our designer will visit your home to check the measurements and features of the space in order to deliver the best results.
We will select pieces from our extensive range of high-quality furniture, artwork, and accessories.
We will deliver, install and style our selection of pieces. Our eye for detail will guarantee a stunning result. 
Our team will collect the provided goods at the end of the hire period or when your property sells. Easy!
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"...on average you can expect to see a 7.5 to 12.5% increase on your final sales price. If you’re property styling in Sydney this can add serious returns into the hundred thousands - making it well worth the initial outlay!'' -


  • 49% of staged homes sold in the first week, with 66% of homes sold within the first 2 weeks, with 87% selling within 4 weeks. 

  • The average price premium increase across the properties in the study was $69,017, with a range of 3% - 10%. 30% of homes achieved a price premium of $100,000+.

  • Spend an average of 73% less time on the market.

  • Helped 82% of surveyed buyers visualise living in the home.

  • 86% of respondents agreed that staged homes sell up to three times faster.

  • 71% of respondents found that staging a home increased viewings


What sets you apart from the competitors?

We are a collaboration between real estate photographers and home stylist. That means we work together for to stage it just right to make the best impression on the photos and draw people to the action.

Is property styling worth the investment?

Professional styling is a proven way to increase your property’s sale price. The return on investment is usually around 10 times the initial cost, a relatively small outlay for a big result. We are experienced and skilled at using various strategies to enhance the appeal of your property and attract interest from as many potential buyers as possible. We deliver results.

Where do your furniture and accessories come from?

The source from various suppliers. Our range is sourced both locally and internationally and includes custom-made pieces, specially commissioned for styling.

What if we don’t like what you’ve chosen?

Whenever we style a property our team looks at it from an objective and strategic view. We decide what items to include based on factors such as space, light, layout, and purpose, as well as what will most appeal to your target market. We hope that you’ll trust our judgment but, of course, if there’s something you really don’t like, we’ll always swap it out, making sure it’s perfect for your first inspection. We don't charge extra for the service but there will be an extra delivery fee.

What are your payment terms?

Full payment is required three days before your installation date. Payment can be made via bank transfer.

Can I style my own property?

An effective styling to sell should remove the traces of the owner as much as possible. It's not about personal taste, wether is about being neutral and setting up a potencial lifestyle in the mind of the potencial buyer.

What is involved in a property styling consultation?

The first in-person consultation provides an objective look at your home or investment property. We tour the property to get an idea of which characteristics should be emphasised and which flaws should be minimised, as well as mains measurements.

Is it worth staging an empty home before putting it on the market?

An epty home is uninviting, cold and does not seduce potencial clients. Another big issue is that those clients will focus on the negative aspects of the home because there's nothing beautiful to catch the eyes. All of this impacts in many aspects. Go back to our data and ROI session to understand better.

Why is it important to sell my property quickly?

The best offer on a property is usually presented within the first 2 weeks of a sale campaign. Conversely, properties that linger on the market are far more likely to consider discounting as initial buyer interest diminishes. You may also want to consider the emotional toll of a house lingering on the market, the stress of your house not selling at all or eventually selling for less than desired; and the strain of keeping your house in immaculate shape for multiple showings and Open Houses. The stress reduction alone can make Home Staging well worth it.

Can I use some of my own furniture in a staged property?

For sellers who can't move out during the viewings, we can do a partial staging. 


I have a busy life. How involved do I need to be during the property styling process?

Our goal is to make the process as seamless as possible to the owner of the home. We do ask you to prepare your home before we step in with a declutter and deep clean. If anything else needs to be done before we move in, this converstation will happen in the first home visit. You will need to leave the keys available for our installation and removal.

What if my house is already on the market but is not selling?

We can assist you. Property styling can be the little push you are needing to sell fast. 


How long is the average hire campaign?

According to data research, most styled homes sell within 4 weeks so that's our suggested time-frame for hiring the pieces. Although if you with a different lengh of hire, we can adjust accordingly.


How does the stylist choose the furniture?

We start with the tour in your home. When we come back to the studio, we see all photos and videos and make a strategy for enhancing the best attributes of the propety whilst distracting buyers eyes away from the not so nice things. Then we chose the perfect pieces to create a lifestyle with the potential client in mind, from our incredible range of suppliers. 

When should I contact a property stylist before putting my home on the market?

Ideally, 2 or 3 weeks before your home goes to the market, but if you are closer to the date, don't panic. We book fast but might be able to accommodate you.

Q. What areas do you service?

Do you style Airbnb Properties and Holiday Lets?

Yes we do. And the owner has the option of buying the pieces after the photoshoot.

Is property styling and property staging the same thing?

Yes. The terms property styling and property staging are interchangeable. Other names used for this service include real estate styling, realestate staging, home styling, home staging and staging to sell.

How much does property styling cost?

As a general guide, property styling starts from around $3000 for partial styling or small apartment styling. Property styling for homes or large apartments will generally range from $5000 – $10000 depending on the size of the property (e.g. how many lounge areas, formal dining, bedrooms, outdoor styling spaces). By working with a professional, qualified property styling team you will ensure the maximum return on your investment.

When does my hire period start and end when my property is staged?

It starts from the day we install, and it ends on the day our contract states. We can always pick up earlier but won't be able to change the terms of the contract. We can extend the period of staging if you wish.

What happens if at the end of the styling hire period my property hasn’t sold?

In those rare cases, we can extend the time of lease for the items already there.  Also, you will have your professional photos for advertising if you to use in ongoing marketing strategies after that.

What type of properties do you style?

Every type, from small granny flats to huge mansions. 

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We look forward to working with you!


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