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All of Lorena´s expertise as an entrepreneur can help you align your communication and branding, in order to bring you the right client. This service joins brand analysis and alignment, with your new space to be designed. Clients have reviewed this service as the most valuable step they took to stir their brand into their desired direction.



My business was great and brought results, but I had to change the space I held my sessions. Lorena designed the new space and I felt the shift. I was tired of the old branding, so I've engaged Lorena to help my holistic practice with that too and I am in love with our process and results.



I was impressed by how Lorena could put me back on track to create the brand I envisioned. I contacted her to do a Casa Consult for my space and got so much more out of it. It's hard to measure the value of this consultation.

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When I contacted Lorena to redo my space, I didn't know how I was communicating the wrong idea to my potential clients from the start. Together we looked at my socials and aligned the branding before even designing the space. Now I have more inquiries from my ideal clientele, and my previous clients commented on how much more valuable my service seems to be now that my branding is aligned. The space is now also amazing, of course! I highly recommend this service.

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