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We spoil you with little drops of Alchemy. 

The word ''ALCHEMY'' means the ancient practice of science and philosophy, that claimed to transform any metal matter into gold. It's surrounded by mystery and magic, and its branches reach as further as finding immortality.


We chose the name Casa Alchemy because here is where the magic happens. We are lapidarist, seeing the potential of your ''casa'' and bringing it to life. We don't follow industry trends, instead, we advocate for interiors that are timeless looking in the choice of sophisticated color palette, quality of material choices, and balance in the proportion. 

If you would like to learn from us or bring a drop of our magic into your home, check out the products we offer.



We are designing an online course that will help you change your home on your own time and budget.


Through dynamic and fun lessons, I teach the tricks of the trade according to my own extended experience in the field, and some other tricks I've developed myself.




Want to have a piece of us in your home? We make handmade furniture pieces and each one is unique. They are sustainably sourced and handmade locally. Follow us on Instagram to see which ones are available now.

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Trabalho De Carpintaria
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